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1. Offers and Agreements

  • Our offers are made without commitment. Agreements concluded by our agents or staff always require our written confirmation, even if the customer specifies otherwise.


2. Transport and Risk

  • Even in the case of carriage-paid deliveries, the transport or shipment of the goods is always at the customer's risk. Any unforeseen increase in transport costs is at the customer's expense. Packaging deemed necessary by the company will be charged at cost price, but will not be taken back.


3. Retention of Title

  • The delivered goods remain the property of the supplier (or seller) until full payment of the principal sum owed, plus any costs and interest. However, delivery is at the buyer's risk, who should insure against possible damage. The buyer will notify the supplier (or seller) if the goods are placed in a space rented by the buyer. In that case, the buyer will disclose the identity and address of the landlord so that the supplier can inform them of their retention of title.


4. Delivery Conditions

  • Deliveries are made only according to our capabilities and are subject to the usual reservations made by our suppliers. They do not entitle the customer to any compensation or cancellation of the order. Partial deliveries by us are always allowed. We are not responsible for delays or shortcomings in deliveries or constructions due to accidental events or force majeure, such as strikes, fires, floods, natural disasters, laws or administrative regulations, difficulties in supplying basic materials, deliveries, energy or transport, equipment defects, etc. Under no circumstances are we responsible for damages or payment of wages arising therefrom.

  • Any cancellation of an order by the customer requires our written consent. If the customer requests a postponement of the delivery date of an order, it will always be fully invoiced on the originally scheduled date. Additionally, storage costs will be charged at a rate of 1% per month of the total price of the stored goods. We are not responsible for the condition of the stored goods.


5. Payment Guarantees

  • We reserve the right, during the execution of an order, to request payment guarantees due to a change in the customer's circumstances, negligence in payment, or other reasons that could jeopardize the payment. In case of refusal, we reserve the right to suspend all deliveries or works, cancel the orders, and claim compensation.


6 Administrative Costs

  • For any invoice up to 50 euros, a fixed fee of 15 euros will be charged for administrative costs.


7. Price Changes

  • Our prices are based on our current cost price and the current tax regime. Any change in one of these factors gives us the right to change our prices of the orders accordingly.


8. Payment Terms

  • Payments are due according to the progress of our delivery or work within thirty days of the invoice date. In the event of non-payment of the invoice on its due date, a default interest of 12% per annum is due, without prior notice. Furthermore, the debtor who fails to pay will, 15 days after a notice of default by ordinary letter, automatically owe a lump-sum compensation of 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 75 euros, for the damage resulting from the late fulfilment of the payment obligation and for the extrajudicial costs. Possible judicial interest and court costs are not included but are owed.


9. Inspection and Disputes

  • The goods can be inspected by the customer in advance and are considered accepted and approved for shipment. The customer may attend the preparation of the goods. Should any dispute arise regarding our delivery or error, it must be reported within 48 hours of delivery or error by registered letter. The irrefutable proof of the validity of the dispute must be provided by the customer at their expense. A dispute, even if justified, does not give the right to suspend payment.


10. Jurisdiction

  • All disputes fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Antwerp.


11. Precedence of Terms

  • Our general terms and conditions always take precedence over those of our contracting parties, notwithstanding any other stipulations.

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