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Salt tablet

These salt tablets offer the highest purity, perfect solubility and an optimal round shape.

Excellent solubility without crusting in the salt bag
Modified cylinder shape for a stable saline solution and optimal regeneration of the resins
Maximum hardness guarantees a minimum amount of dust particles

Packaging sizes: 

Product shape:



10 kg,25 kg


Big Bag
750 kg, 1000 kg

Why should we consider water softening?

Softening salt offers the ultimate solution for water treatments. Water with an abundance of lime can lead to clogged pipes, stained clothes, and dishes, and many other unpleasant things. Famsalt salt tablets are the solution for this.

Water that contains magnesium and calcium is called hard water. It is a common problem in many households. In addition, hard water is also very harmful to our skin and hair.

Our water softener tablets are the most suitable, effective and budget-friendly solution for hard water. Made from pure salt, the tablets weaken the chemicals until they are removed from the water. The end result is clean drinking, washing and cleaning water.

It is important in this process that the quality of the water is optimal when converting hard water to soft water by removing the chemicals.

Our salt tablets are of high quality to avoid the risk of clumping or sedimentation.

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