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More than 10 years of


We have the know-how you need in salt

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About us

For more than 10 years of history

Famsalt as a Belgian firm is an expert in the production and processing of different types salt products.

We were established to meet our customer needs in the best and most effective way.

Bath Salts

One Crystal



Salting Veggies

It is not only an obvious contributor to elevated flavors. Salt saves lives, on slippery winter roads and in the production of pharmaceuticals. 

Cows in Pasture

Salt helps us to keep cows healthy, it reduces food waste and is is used to manufacture everything from paper to glass.

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A Raw Material 

with many personalities

From underground desert seas to deposits from the age of the dinosaurs. For those of you curious about salt, there is a whole world to discover

Did you know...

...that without salt, large parts of the industrial sector would stop working?

Why choose us?

More than 15 year experience

Certified Professional Manufacturer

Constantly Evolving

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More than 2,000 Happy Customers

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