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Rock salt

Halite more commonly known as Rock salt is a mineral formed from sodium chloride. It's chemical formula is NaCl and this also includes other variations of salt such as common salt and table salt. Rock salt tends to be the industrial name used for Halite.


Sea salt

Our se salt  is all natural and unrefined. Made white by the sun and sea, the sparkling crystals are collected from the salt ponds, carefully crushed and screened to size.It is used as 


  • a seasoning in foods

  •  cooking

  • cosmetics

  • preserving food

  • bread

  • confectionery

  • pickles


Low soduim salt

Low-sodium salts replace some of the sodium with potassium, which has similar properties. These substitutes contain about a quarter less sodium.

 This salt is more for the  food industry,  striving to reduce the sodium amount in  food meals, as well as for consumers who wish to reduce their salt consumption while still keeping the taste and quality.

Packaging sizes: 





5 kg,10 kg



10 kg,25 kg


     Big Bag
750 kg, 1000 kg



If your company is active in food processing (meat, bakeries, etc.) you can choose Famsalt with confidence. Our Food Grade Salt team has been helping food manufacturers in the region choose the salt product and technical features that suit their unique application since 2010. And that is a record we are proud of.


Whether you need a high purity granular salt, flake salt, topping salt or extra coarse salt with a larger surface area per crystal and better adhesion, along with a high percentage of miscibility or fast solubility, our team is ready to provide the specifications and test samples that you need to make the best decision.

Are you looking for that special mixture of Food Grade salt crystals that will give your customer a unique salty taste experience? Are you looking for a superior adhesion (tackiness) to your product or for solubility? Would you like to compile a clear sample list of the large number of food grade salts available in many sizes, textures and additives? Looking for a roadmap to start your search?

Search no further. You are in good hands. Did you know that one food salt manufacturer alone, represented by Famsalt, produces more than 50 different types and mixtures for the food industry?

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